• Filipdrawntogether

    We all want Wipeout Celebrity, right?

    Which celebrities would you like to compete?

    I would like to see the Johns and Jill, as well as Paris Hilton and maybe even Gaga.
    Justin Bieber would be hella funny too, but sadly he's not 18 yet...

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  • Filipdrawntogether

    Mine would be:

    Season 1: Ariel 'never been kissed' , Dana 'one word model' , Ben 'ballloving weirdo' , Jessica 'animal lover' , Christian 'rocket scientist' , Phil 'extreme kiwi' , Jessie 'stuntwoman'

    Season 2: Jasmine 'silver fury' , Didi Wong 'from Hong Kong', 'Toy Tester' Chuck , 'Dark Horse' Gipe, 'Run' Forrest 'Run' , 'Choir Boy' Donovan , 'Military Mom' Teri , 'Motoring' Melia, 'Dr. Skinny' Blake, 'Ninjetta'

    Season 3: 'Power couple' jayson and katelyn, 'animal cruelty lover' jonelle, 'opera singer' amanda, 'renaissance man' patrick, 'safety first' shawn, 'the musicals' andrew & amy, andrea 'ballet' brache & 'complaints' carrie

    ) I know a lot...
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