aka Andy

  • I live in California
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is I enjoy drawing, but as it might not provide a decent living for me, I desire to learn more in fashion designing and cosmetology.
  • I am I am male, but I am transgender, so if you could refer to me as "she" that would mean a lot. I classify myself female now.
  • Andy1854

    My Contestant Wipeys

    July 28, 2012 by Andy1854

    Best Wipeout Nominee: Jennifer Wilker Best Phobia: April Robles's Foot Phobia Best Singer/Song/Dance: Amanda Raddatz's "Kill the Jill" Favorite Contestant: Crystal Wilhite Best Battle Cry: Shane Johnson Skinniest Contestant: Blake Snedeker Best Techniques on Obstacles: Jenny Quam's strategy of belly flopping on her sweeper pedastal Best Nickname: Yana Zhernova, who was a comunist wanna-be mother called "Commie Mommie". When she came back no longer mom or comunist, she was called "No Commie, No Mommie" Best Wipeout Nominee: Jennika Farley Most Calm and Collected: Debbie Markham Best Sweeper: Melia Quiray Best Sound Effects: Melia Quiray's car engine sound imitation Most Confused: Jasmine Pratt Best Big Balls: Chris Kinyon Best Guest Obstacl…

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