Scotty "The Songbird" Granger was the Brother of Indiana Pacer's Danny Granger. He came in with the Best time of the qualifer. During the King Of The Mountain, he became enimes with Gillian "The Dark Horse" Gipe, jinxing her sister, Gianna. He came in 3rd on The King On The Mountain. During The Dizzy Dummy, He jumped on the sack launch, launching Brittney Lawless into the water. During the Zig Zag Buoy run, he mooned Gillian. At the end of the bouy run, they both went for the same Bouy, and made them Both Wipeout. He came in 3rd in The Dizzy Dummy. At the last round, he cheered on Gillian, even though they're enemies. Scotty later won in the Wipeout Zone with a time of 05:55:47.

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