Point Break is an obstacle that was introduced in Spring Wipeout and is sometimes in Summer Wipeout. It is made of a very steep staircase that contestants climb up while 500 gallons of water rush down. Then, contestants slide down a large slide to land on a platform at the end. If it is timed too quickly, the contestants will either hit the wall to the side of the ending platform or go toward the next obstacle, the Coin toss. Also, because of the rotation, if contestants lose their balance, they would slide off the side.

The People Who Crossed It Were:

Claire Voisine (S4E11)

Katie Carlstrom (Couples Episode, S4E15, paired up with brian Hunt, and won it).

Sarah Cooper (S4E19, won the episode)

Matt Christopherson (All-Stars, S4E21, won the episode)

Joel Jordan (S4E25, Lost to April Groefsma, who beat him by only 35 seconds).

Later a similar obstacle, named Dark Side of the Moon, appears in the Wipeout Zone. They however removed the 500 gallon water and used two set of sweeper bars. They had to scale a ladder that takes about ten seconds then they must slide.

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