My So-Bald Life is the 11th episode of Season 7. Host John Henson may have lost all of his hair, but 24 new contestants compete on hair-raising obstacles for the big money prize. Our contestants, including "Bigfoot Enthusiast " and "Paid to Party," tan their hides at "Wipeout Shores" and swing by "Dracula's Condo" for a scary good time. But only one will snatch the cash prize.


"Smog Doctor" Andy Tibbitts

"Dirty Dancer" Florentino Martinez

"Creepy G.P.S" Chris Page

"Bigfoot Enthusiast" Jeffrey Olson

"Grave Digger" Courtney Finnegan

"Worst Babysitter" Lindsey Mitchell

Alan Tirado

"Doughnut Lover" Jake Harkey

"Paid To Party" Mary Izzo

"Plain" Wayne Fredrickson

"Girl Bait" Kyle Stephenson

Kerry Deguilio

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