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Place Contestant Qualifier Ski Lift 7 Letter Word Wipeout Zone
1 Kelsey Schulte 03.47.5 6th 1st Winner (03.46.4)
2 Carolyn Soto 04.00.0 2nd 3rd 2nd (06.50.3)
3 Matt Christopherson 05.49.7 3rd 2nd

3rd (11.33.16)

4 Alison Gregorka    1st 02.54.0 $1.000 Eliminated
5 Eric Holliday 04.29.7 4th Eliminated
Talisa Bosse 04.43.2 5th Eliminated
7 Kylie Jones ? Eliminated
8 Andrea Ohlwiler ? Eliminated
9 Chris Nichols 03.53.0 Eliminated
10 Sonia Webb ? Eliminated
11 Rick Maben ? Eliminated
12 Lauren Starkenberg 02.57.4 Eliminated

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