Competitions: Finals
Week Qualifier Double Cross Bruiseball The Wipeout Zone Punishment
Place Contestant Result
1 'Tongan Truck' Olotele Moa
(Age: 30)
(04:57.9) 2nd 4th Winner (08:09.13)
2 'Number 22' David Ramos 1st (03:57.7) 3rd 1st 2nd (10:11.28)
3 Charles 'Repo Man' Dorsey (?) 5th 2nd Out of time
'Crazy Cuban' Gaspar Porcell
(Age: 46)
(?) 1st 3rd Out of time
5 'Soul Sister' Kelin Covington (?) 6th Eliminated
'Action Mom' Nadine Hoss
(Age: 42)
(05:07) 4th Eliminated
7 Ayesha Dixon (?) Eliminated
Autumn Hickok (?) Eliminated
Brian Lindsey (?) Eliminated
Valerie Masterani (?) Eliminated
Jody Merrill (?) Eliminated
'Silly Sounds' Stacy Paige Takats (?) Eliminated
  • A new blue-colored Wrecking Ball was introduced in this episode, The Slow Wrecking Ball, plus the old Wrecking Ball has a softer voice in this episode.
  • Crazy Cuban looks exactly like "The Stash" from S02E16.
  • This is the third all-male Wipeout Zone in Season 3.

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