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In this episode, married couples competed together as teams, with minor rule changes. In the qualifier, both members had to complete the course (although they performed each obstacle one-by-one). In "King of the Mountain" and the "Dizzy Dummy", a couple only advanced if both of their members completed the challenge (but the tasks were still done as in a normal episode). In the Wipeout Zone, both members of the remaining couples played the course separately, scored by their total time.

Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier King of the Mountain Dizzy Dummy 2.0 Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Mr. and Mrs. Moose'

Shane & Sally Harris

1st (03:23.9)* 2nd 2nd Winner (12:38.29)

(03:28.96)** - Shane; (09:09.33) - Sally

2 'Team Muscle'

Brian & Lori Beth Schwab

(?) 3rd 1st Out of Time

(06:48.36) - Brian; (Out of Time) - Lori Beth

3 'The Tortoise and the Hare'

Tim & Jenni Johnson

04:30.8* 1st Eliminated
4 'Team Home Cooking'

Travis Petties & Kasey Burton

05:13.3 Eliminated
'Team Money'

Aron Ali & Ashanna Wall

(?) Eliminated
'Tiny Team'

Paul Weinrich & Rachel Grim

(?) Eliminated

* Shane Harris became the second person to successfully clear the Fender Bender, while later in the episode Jenni Johnson became the first female and third overall to conquer the obstacle.

** Shane's individual run was the fastest time in the Wipeout Zone in Season 2.

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