Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper Dreadmill Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 Kyle Sullivan 3rd (01:42.2) 1st 1st (01:51.81) Winner (03:35.26)
2 Sam Mohan 4th (01:55.8) 6th 3rd (00:53.89) 2nd Place (06:01.21)
3 Brent Williams 02:36.0 4th 4th (00:52.08) 3rd Place (12:34.48)
4 Phil Somerville 1st  (01:21.6) 3rd 2nd (01:49.81) Injured

(Left Shoulder)

5 Thomas Lynum (?) 5th Eliminated (00.51.53)
6 Jessie Graff 2nd (01:23.1) 2nd Eliminated (00:42.08)
7 Johnny Pegues 03:02.9 Eliminated
8 Rolland Gerhardt 02:08.6 Eliminated
9 Meaghan McCall (?) Eliminated
10 Angeliquea Blackmon (?) Eliminated
11 Tiffany Latella (?) Eliminated
12 Ericka Klein (?) Eliminated

Trivia & NotesEdit

  • Brent Williams became the oldest contestant to make his way through to the Wipeout Zone
  • Kyle Sullivan became the youngest winner so far, and the first person to win both the Sweeper and Dreadmill (thus taking home both the final prize money and the Sweeper bonus).
  • The Triple Treat Sweeper consists of The Crusher, Junior Wrecking Ball, and Icy Cold Blast of Smoke.

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