Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper Dizzy Dummies Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Demolition" Dave Marschell Age 49 1:46 2nd 1st 4:03
2 "Strategy Man" Ed Mulvey 4th 2nd 4:29
3 "Rubber Woman" Jane Altschwager 12th 6th 4th 5:44
4 "Dark Horse" Kobie Mulligan 1:46 5th 3rd Quit
5 "Circus Wannabe" Lisa Talianna Age 27 3rd Eliminated
6 "Loudmouth" Layton Mills 1:57* 1st Eliminated
7 Brett Garland Age 23 Eliminated
8 "Foot Model" Robert Stanely Eliminated
9 "Barman" Simon Harrari Eliminated
10 "Bighead" Rob Green Eliminated
11 Karen Black Eliminated
12 "Firefighter" Linda Wilton 2:16 Eliminated

* Layton Mills was the first to successfully cross the Wall Swing.

  • Jane Altschwager was the only finalist to be last to qualify in every round.

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