Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper Dizzy Dummies Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 'Gentle Giant' Tim Watts 2nd 2nd 3:02.51
2 ' The Decorator' Lisa Masden 6th 3rd Out of Time
3 ' Eco Warrior '

Sara Hely

4th 1st 3:41.19
4 Lockie "Ladies' Man"McDonald 1:30.23 3rd 4th Out Of Time
5 'Surfer Dude' Miles Cattman 1:37.27 1st Eliminated
6 'The Lifesaver'Naomi Flood 5th Eliminated
7 Bridgette Starr Eliminated
8 'Birdman' Jamie Kelso Eliminated
9 Ritchie Gibson Eliminated
10 Adam 'Malcolm in the Middle' Malcom Eliminated
11 'Pocket Rocket' David Clark Eliminated
12 'Bucket Wish'Candice Boyd Eliminated

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