Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper Dreadmill Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 "Herr" Chris Ruddock 2nd (01.10.03) 1st 1st (00.37.03) 1st (05.26.11)
2 "Let's Get Physical" Renee Bradford (03.40.11) 6th 4th (03.09.19) 2nd (08.24.19)
3 "Excito" Matthew Earle 2nd 3rd (01.56.07) Out Of Time
4 "Country Boy" Josh Anderson 4th 2nd (01.22.11) Quit
5 Scott "Six Toes" Hubbock 1st (01.01.07) 5th (03.13.07)
6 "Nat with the Tats" Natalie Richardson 3rd Quit
7 Penny McMulin Eliminated
8 Sharon Carson Eliminated
9 Tamara Drybec Eliminated
10 "Cheerleader" Fabiola Aguirre Eliminated
11 Josh Hawkins (04.29.07) Eliminated
12 Bill Skelly Eliminated

* Dubbing himself the superhero "Excito", Earle made it past the Sucker-Punch Wall without falling.

Hubbock crossed the Big Balls before finishing the qualifier in the fastest time seen on Wipeout Australia.

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