Steve Justine Tor George Liam David Mike Alison Matt Paul Alan Alex William Panos Emma Annwen Graznia Big Rich Lisa Sarah
Qualifier 1' 56"2' 56"4' 24"4' 14"2' 413' 10"2' 55"3' 55"1' 54"N/A3' 31"4' 04"2' 05" *3' 47" *5' 36"7' 23"N/ADNFDNFDNF
The Sweeper 3rd1st4th5th6th2nd7th8th9th10th11th12thOUT
Dizzy Dummies (1) 2nd1st5th4th3rd6thOUT
Dizzy Dummies (2) 1st2nd3rd4th4thOUT
The Wipeout Zone 4' 53"6' 51"DNFOUT
* William and Panos had to retire due to injury, Tor and Paul replaced them respectively.
  • Final Winner: Steve Appleby

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